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Consignment Policy and Booth Prices

we understand that not everyone has the same amount of interest in how they make money.  In an effort to meet every individual need we offer multiple levels of consignment and space rental opportunities.  Read below to find which fits your situation best.

Full Consignment

Bring your stuff in.
You price and we display your items and split the sale 60/40

Sell Outright

If you just want to sell your goods out right that's ok too.  We will buy your used goods. You can expect up to 40% of what we expect to resell it for.

Booth Rentals

At this time we do not have any spaces available.  Please reach out to get on a waiting list for vending spaces.

The Perks

everyone who rents space at the troll market will have access to our  retail stuff such as shrink wrap machine, tags, printer for store use and other things too.

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